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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Blogs & Ego Boosts

The birth of My Blonde World is credited to Angela Corbin. Sixteen hours in a car (more on my trip CO later) provides ample time to peruse topics of many colors. I've always thought blogs were pointless - precipitation of a me-focused society - all of us writing about ourselves, not usually communicating to anyone, nor responding or expecting it from anyone. A meaningless posting of foolish minds drifting in cyberspae. Maybe it was just that my first impression elicited a bad taste.

I remember a guy I flirted with at the Master Musicians Festival (Somerset, KY), where we worked as gate staff for the event. I (sadly) did it for the ego boost it offered, but he gave me the address to his blog and I went to the site. First I had the pleasure of reading his perception of our brief encounter. His ego pictured me as fawning after him, while he could care less. This was all wrong. Embarrassing. He knew I was reading this, so why would he write it? Then I scrolled down to read of countless drunken evenings and the intimate details
of the life of an idiot. Not impressed. Who wants to read that? Since then blogs have only conjured similar sentiments.

Angela, however, has brought me to see the "other side". There are many times I think of snippets in my journal entries that might be interesting to someone. No pressure to write to a particular audience or to keep the text concise and focused in order to accurately and effectively communicate a specific concept .. as demonstrated by this run-on. Blogs allow you to write extemporaneously and do not frown on long-winded fools like myself .. no one is really critiquing. It is a way to think out loud for those of us who prefer to think with a pen and paper.

So now that I've made clear to myself the purpose (which everyone reading this already understands), I look forward to filling my postings with thoughts, stories and blonde moments. I'm sure there will be no lack of the latter.